AATE Award Winners

Index of Awards and Winners

Awards No Longer Presented

John C. Barner Teacher of the Year Award
2010-2021 No Award
2009 Linda Sharpe
2008 Keith Taylor
2007 Diane Lutz
2004-2006 No Award
2003 John D. Newman
2002 No Award
2001 Tim Ortman
2000 Jeanne Averill
1999 Robin Nott
1998 No Award
1997 Lynda D. Belt
1996 Michael H. Hibbard
Susan L. Wurster
1995 Jean Hodges
1994 No Award
1993 Frances L. McGarry
1992 John Faust
1991 Philip John Kinen
1990 Judith Rethwisch
1989 Ron Kenney
1988 Julian Schlusberg
1987 John Steele
1986 No Award
1985 Jack Parkhurst
1984 Frank Bluestein
1983 Jerry Worsham


Johnny Saldaña Outstanding Professor of Theatre Education Award

2023 Mindy R. Carter
2022 James "Jimmy" Chrismon
2021 Elizabeth Brendel Horn
2020 Petronilla Whitfield
2019 No Award
2018 Joe Salvator
2017 Rives Collins


Lin Wright Professional Teaching Grant

2022 No Award 
2018-2021 No Award
2017 Ryan Skiles, with project mentor Elizabeth Brendel Horn 
2016 Adam Slee, with project mentor John Newman
2014 Robert St. John, with project mentor Honolulu Theatre for Youth
2013 Holli Hutson, with project mentor Laurie Melnik
2012 Wendy Mapes, with project mentor Kerri Sullivan
2011 Diana Torres, with project mentor Laurie Melnik

Lin Wright Special Recognition Award
2022 Deanna Alisa Ableser 
2021 Jonathan Schmidt Chapman
2019-2020 No Award
2015 Allison Metz, Jennifer Katona
2014 Megan Alrutz, Amy Jensen
2013 Peter B. Duffy, Brian Guehring
2012 Matt Omasta, David Barr, III
2011 Kati Koerner
2010 No Award
2009 No Award
2008 Karen Libman
California Educational Theatre Association
2007 Liora Bresler, Ph.D.
Kathy Krzys
Cheryl Kaplan
2006 Dr. F. Scott Regan
2005 Stephani Etheridge Woodson
Trudy Wheeler
2004 Gail Noppe-Brandon, Founding and Artistic Director, Starfish Theatreworks, Inc
2003 Dr. Robert Colby
John Somers, University of Exeter, Exstream Theatre Company & Carfax Publishing
2002 Developing Creative Curriculum: Enriching the Education of Hawaii's Children:
Steven Jones, Daniel Kelin II and Jamie Simpson
2001 Heinemann Press
Lowell Swortzell - ANew Plays for Young Audiences@
2000 Lynda Zimmerman
1999 Educational Theatre Programs of Kaiser Permanente
Kevin Hauge & Tegan McLane, Theatre as Digital Activity
Gina May
1998 Flint Youth Theatre
1997 No Award
1996 Patricia Sternberg
1995 Dr. Shirley Harbin
1994 No Award
1993 George R. Nelson
John Doyle
Duwain M. Hunt
1992 No Award
1991 Arizona State University Institute for Studies in the Arts
Ruth Cantrell
Ruth Davis
1990 William K. Leech
Lynne Kramer
Dr. John Wright & Dr. Aletha Huston
1989 Sunna Rasch
Xan Johnson
1988 John Kauffman
Werdna Finley
National Theatre Education Project Committee: Jack Carr, Shirley Harbin, Elizabeth Segal, Anne Thurman, Bill Waack, Kim Wheetley
1987 Helane Rosenberg
Jeanne Hall
1986 Carmine Tabone
Lin Wright, Arizona State University
Don Laffoon
Child's Play, Inc.
1985 Dorothy Webb, IUPUI, National Children's Playwriting Competition and Symposium
Community Experimental Repertory Theatre (CERT), Poughkeepsie, NY
1984 Arlene Hamilton
Muriel Mawer
Judith Kase Polisini
Fort Wayne Youtheatre
1983 William Akins, Chair, Theatre Department, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
The Junior Theatre of Davenport, IA
The Seattle Repertory Theatre, "MOB" Show
Storytalers, Minneapolis, MN
1982 Carole C. Huggins
Edward Kessel
1981 Brenda Dubay
Joan Schwartz
Thelma McDaniel, Eastern Michigan University
Orlin Corey, Anchorage Press, New Orleans, LA
1980 CBS, "The Program in Educational Theatre"
Ann Shaw, Drama and Theatre for, by, and with the Handicapped
Dorothy Davies Miller
1979 Donna Stone Pesch, Winifred Ward Scholarship Committee
Nancy Ebsen, Leadership in Southern California
Agnes Haaga, University of Washington, Winifred Ward Scholarship Committee
Carol Jeschke, Professional Producers and Presenters
Emily Hammood, Opera for Youth
1978 Dorothy Schwartz, First Chairperson, Winifred Ward Scholarship Committee
Jearnine Wagner, Learning About Learning
1977 Patricia Whitton, New Plays Incorporated
Muriel Broadman, Understanding Your Child's Entertainment
Grace Stanistreet, Adelphi University
Sister Kathryn Martin, Peppermint Stick Players, Indiana State University
Isabel B. Burger, Creative Dramatics for the Elderly
The Alliance for Arts Education, Kennedy Center Children's Art Series
Hazel Easton, Honorary Chairperson, Winifred Ward Scholarship Committee
1976 Paula E. Silberstein, Cultural Resource Specialist, New Jersey City Board of
Education Hillsborough County School Board, Tampa, FL, Theatre-in-the-Schools
Phoebe Hanson, Minneapolis, MN, Park Board Cultural Arts Department
Claire Michaels, Jackson Heights, NY, "Geriadrama" Techniques
C. John Tolch, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Robert Pitts, Frederick, MD
1975 Performing Arts Repertory Theatre Foundation, Inc., (now THEATREWORKS/USA), Freedom Train production
Southern California Children's Theatre Association Children's Theatre Festival
Milton Polsky, Hunter College, Interviews in Children's Theatre Review
Nashville Academy Theatre
Mary Kerr, Winston-Salem, NC, Creative Drama Program
Beverly Sturgill, CTAA New Scripts Service
Pickwick Players and Players Inc., Baltimore, MD
California Educational Theatre Association
1974 Dorothy Schwartz, Give Them Roots and Wings
Dorothy Aldrich, Give Them Roots and Wings
Moses Goldberg, Children's Theatre: A Philosophy and a Method
Emily Gillies, Creative Dramatics for All Children
Elizabeth Flory Kelly, Curriculum Dramatics Study, Cleveland, OH
Shirley Trusty (now Corey), Performing Arts Center of New Orleans
Robert McNea, OOPSY, WWJ-TV, Detroit, MI
Pat Snyder and State University of New York, The Wizard of Oz
exchange with the Central Theatre for Children, Moscow
1973 Pat Snyder, ASSITEJ Report
Puerto Rican Children's Theatre
Mattel Toys, Sponsors of "Sounder"
Miriam Morton, The Arts and the Soviet Child
Natalia Sats
1972 In-School Players of Adventure Theatre, Glen Echo, MD
Irene Vickers Baker, Children's Theatre, Wichita, KS
Kitty Reinhardt, Free Theatre, Germantown, PA
Ellen Gerhardt, Editor, Critiques of Theatre Productions for Children
Sunna Rasch, Periwinkle Productions, Monticello, NY
1971 Theatre Resources for Youth (TRY), New Hampshire National Endowment for the Arts
Dr. Samuel J. Citron and The Jewish Theatre for Children
New York State Council of the Arts
CEMREL, Inc., St. Louis, MO
Learning About Learning, San Antonio, TX

Monte Meacham Award
2022 No Award 
2021 Zoological Society of Milwaukee Kohl's Wild Theater
2018-2020 No Award
2017 Goat in the Road Productions 
2009-2016 No Award
2008 Kim Peter Kovac
2004-2007 No Award
2003 ACS Head Start & Marilyn Bartlett
1999-2002 No Award
1998 New Visions/New Voices, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
1997 No Award
1996 Dean and Pauline Bonderman
1995 Lila Wallace Reader's Digest Fund
1994 Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Foundation
1987-1993 No Award
1986 Children's Radio Theatre
1984-1985 No Award
1983 Viola Spolin
1981-1982 No Award
1980 Jack Kukuk, Kennedy Center Arts for Children program
1979 McDonald's, Inc.
1978 Bruno Bettelheim
1977 Action for Children's Television (A.C.T.)
1976 ABC-TV After School Specials Program
1975 Ernest L. Boyer, SUNY
1974 Reader's Digest Films
1973 Dan Sullivan, Los Angeles Times
1972 Jim Henson, Creator of the Muppets
1971 Paul Sills' Story Theatre
1970 Sesame Street
1969 Mister Roger's Neighborhood
1968 Association of Junior Leagues of America
1967 Xerox Corporation and CBS Children's Series
1966 Robert Radnitz
1965 No Award
1964 George Heineman
1963 Kate Drain Lawson
1962 Loveman's of Alabama
1961 Dorothy McFadden
1960 Mary Chase
1959 Danny Kaye

Orlin Corey Award for Artistic Excellence
2022 Lynn Kelso
2020-2021 No Award
2019 Dr. Luke Jorgensen Ph.D.
2016 Robin Baker Flatt
2013 Tom Arvetis
2012 Johanna Smith

Sara Spencer Artistic Achievement Award
2023 Roseann Sheridan
2020-2022 No Award
2019 Sandra Fenichel Asher
2017 Actor's Theater of Louisville 
2016 Peter Brosius
2015 Amie Brockway Henson
2010-2014 No Award
2009 CLIMB Theatre
2008 The Growing Stage
(The Children's Theatre of New Jersey)
2005-2007 No Award
2004 Robyn Flatt
2003 Lifeline Theatre
2001-2002 No Award
2000 Periwinkle National Theatre
1999 New York State Theatre Institute
1998 Stage One, Louisville, KY
1997 Alliance Children's Theatre
1996 The Cleveland Play House
1995 Childsplay, Inc., Tempe, AZ
1994 Seattle Children's Theatre
1993 Creative Arts Team, New York University
1992 Dorothy Webb and the National Children's Theatre Playwriting Contest and Symposium
1991 Theatre and Youth Program, University of Texas at Austin
1990 The Emmy Gifford Theater (now Omaha Theater Company)
1989 Paper Bag Players
1988 Aurand Harris
1987 Carol Evans
1986 Honolulu Theatre for Youth
1985 Ruth J. Rittenour Denney
1984 California Young People's Theatre (now California Theatre Center)
1983 Performing Arts Repertory Theatre (now THEATREWORKS/USA)
1982 Saturday Theatre for Children
1981 California State University, Northridge, CA
1980 Goodman School of Drama Children's Theatre (now Goodman-DePaul Children's Theatre)
1979 The Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis
1978 Nashville Academy Theatre

Anne Elgood Youth Theatre Director of the Year

Cynthia Strycharz

2021 No Award
2020 Stephanie Jacobson & Michael Miller
2019 Rhonda Wilson
2018 Aimee Reid
2016-2017 No Award
2015 Ashley Forman
2012-2014 No Award
2011 Barry Kornhauser
Adele Ulrich
2006-2010 No Award
2005 Amy Oakeson
2004 No Award
2003 Dr. Trish Lindberg
2002 Tom Ballmer, Stebens Children's Theatre
2001 Joe Lauderdale, Laguna Playhouse
2000 Helen White, Creative Arts Team
1999 Susan Wood and William Ward, Flint Youth Theatre
1998 Deborah Nitzberg, City Lights
1997 Diane Crews, Dreamwrights
1996 No Award
1995 Daniel A. Kelin, II, Honolulu Theatre for Youth
1994 Jennifer Scott McNair, Raleigh Little Theatre
1993 Gary W. Ewing, Stebens Children's Theatre
1992 Rodney Van Valkenburg, Chattanooga Little Theatre
1991 Peter Donaldson, Youth Theatre Northwest
1990 Jennifer Akridge, Mesa Youtheatre
1989 Synthia Rogers, Dallas Theatre Center
1988 Julian Wiles, Young Charleston Theatre Company
1987 Sylvia Langworthy, MASQUE Youth Theatre and School

Zeta Phi Eta-Winifred Ward Outstanding New Children's Theatre Company Award


No Award
2020 Kerfuffle
2019 Bluelaces Theater Company
2018 Spinning Dot Theatre
2017 Spellbound Theatre
2015-2016 No Award
2014 Rising Youth Theatre
2011-2013 No Award
Purple Crayon Players, SHINE! LA's Youth Theatre
No Award
2008 Youth Education/Entertainment Series (Y.E.S.)
2007 Vittum Theatre(now operating as Adventure Stage Chicago)
2006 Great Midwestern Educational Theatre Company
2001-2005 No Award
2000 Prime Stage
1999 DreamWrights
1998 No Award
1997 La Crosse Playhouse, WI
1996 Northwest Childrens Theater and School, Portland, OR
1995 No Award
1994 Serendipity Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
1993 Hartford Children's Theatre
1992 Chicago Children's Theatre
1991 First Stage Milwaukee
1990 Stebens Children's Theatre, IA
1989 Laguna Playhouse Youth Theatre
1988 No Award
1987 Dallas Children's Theatre
1984-1986 No Award
1983 ArtReach, Cincinnati, OH
1982 The Santa Fe Children's Project, NM
1981 Childsplay, Inc., Tempe, AZ
1980 Rainbow Company Children's Theatre, Las Vegas, NV
Climb, Inc., Minneapolis, MN
1979 California Young People's Theatre, San Jose, CA (now California Theatre Center)
1978 Poncho Theatre, Seattle, WA
1977 Creative Arts Team, New York, NY
1976 Magic Carpet, San Francisco, CA
Theatre of Youth Company, Buffalo, NY
1975 Happiness Bag Players, Inc., Terre Haute, IN
1974 Metro Theater Circus (now Metro Theater Company), St. Louis, MO
Howard University Children's Theatre
1973 Children's Corner of New Orleans
Scottsdale's Children's Theatre, AZ
1972 Children's Theatre of Albany, NY
Springer Theatre of Columbus, GA
1971 Pickwick Players, Midland, TX
1970 Madison Children's Theatre, WI
1969 Tulsa, OK Children's Theatre
1968 Children's Theatre of Pelham, NY
1967 Casa Maøana Playhouse, Fort Worth, TX
1966 Pasadena Playhouse Association Children's Theatre
1965 Community Children's Theatre, Twin Falls, ID
1964 Center Youth Theatre, Bernard Horwich Center, Chicago, IL
1963 Wilmette Children's Theatre, IL
1962 Honolulu Theatre for Youth
1961 Alton Children's Theatre, IL
Bessemer Junior Theatre, AL
1960 No Award
1959 Children's Theatre of the Civic Little Theatre, Allentown, PA
1958 Community Children's Theatre of Duchess County, Poughkeepsie, NY
1957 Youngstown Ohio Civic Theatre

Research Awards
Winifred Ward Scholar
2023 Alex Turner
2022 Nathan Drackett
2021 Jasmine Games
2020 Molly Mattaini
2019 Faith A. Hillis
2018 Todd Farley
2017 Tiffany Trent 
2016 Margot Fitzsimmons
2015 Joshua Streeter
2014 Meredyth Pederson
2013 Enza Giannone Hosig
2012 Mary McAvoy
2011 Lisa Barker
J. Andrew Wiginton
Xanthia Walker
2008 Wendy Bable
Oona Kersey
2007 Sarah Myers
2006 Heather Stickeler
2005 Kathryn Dawson
2004 Allison Manville Metz
2003 Megan Alrutz
2002 Christina Marin
2001 Shondrika Moss
2000 Jennifer Chapman
1999 Barbara Jo Maier
1998 Stephani Etheridge Woodson
1997 Lynn M. Hoare
1996 Kathleen Blum
1995 Rachel Briley
1994 Judy Matetzschk
1993 Lorenzo Garcia
1992 Sharon Grady
1991 Brenda L. Cotto-Escalera
1990 Sharon Rosslie Oppenheimer
1989 Carolyn Silver-Alford
1988 Jennifer Scott McNair
1987 Toni Molloy (now Tudor)
1986 Anamarie Garcia
1985 Jeanne Klein
1984 Rives B. Collins
1983 Victoria L. Brown
1982 Brian Kral
1981 Pamela Sterling
1980 Lucille Paolillo (now Danaher)
1979 Barbara Byrne (now O'Neill)
1978 Roger L. Bedard

Don and Elizabeth Doyle Fellowship
2023 Mateo Hernandez
2022 Olivia Coughlin
2021 Kristina Friedgen
2020 Bill Rios
2019 Sarah Tan
2018 Lina Chambers 
2017 Danica Rosengren
2016 No award 
2015 Tamara L. Carroll
2014 Yasu Ishida
2013 Lindsay Hearn
Special Recognition: Megan Flod Johnson
2012 Kathleen Arcovio
Special Recognition: Bethany Corey, Lisa Leibering, Tori Tomalia
2011 Brianna Stapleton Welch
Special Recognition: Noah Adams

Abra Chusid
Special Recognition: Lauren Dusek Albonico,Jenny Anne Koppera
Karl O'Brian Williams
Special recognition: Jennifer Hartman, Aimee Reid
2008 Meriah Sage

Distinguished Dissertation/Thesis Award

Distinguished Dissertation:

"Re-Writing the Declaration: Re- Writing the Past to Fixthe Future from a Black, Queer, FeministLens" By Quenna Barrett

Honorable Mention: "Participatory Action Research and Theatre: Decolonizing Secondary Theatre Education Through Process-Based Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy and Methodology" By Zena 


"The Story Wheel: An Ethnographic Study of Autistic Adults Exploring a Story-Drama Curriculum" By Nancy Curry 

"The Pursuit of Anti-Racism in University Theatre" By Ashley Demoville 


In Search of Critical Theatre Pedagogy: Teaching Artists’ Practice with Students of Color by Dr. B. Manuel Simons

Honorable Mention: Identity Spectrums, Analytic Adolescents, and “Gays in Space!”: A Qualitative Investigation of Youth Queer Narrative Reception by Dr. Andrew Waldron


No Award


I'm Gonna Use it to Tell You: Exploring Narratives of Adolescent Identity Through Theatre by Gina Grandi


Changing Practice? Exploring the potential contribution of applied theatre training to capacity building for NGO workers in China, By Yi-Man AU

Honorable Mentions: Translanguaging in Borderlands: Language Function in Theatre for Young Audiences, By Elizabeth Schildkret 


Shrews, Moneylenders, Soldiers, and Moors: Tackling Challenging Issues in Shakespeare for Young Audiences, by Elizabeth Harelik

Honorable Mention: Actor Coaching: Taking Performance in Being, by Clare Syler

2016  No Award
2015 Girl-becomings: Girls Theorizing Girlhood through Visual Art, Theatre, andDigital Communications,by Teresa Minarsich

Rehearsing Revolutions: Radical and Experimental Pedagogic Drama Experiments in United States Labor Colleges, 1920 and 1940, by Dr. Mary McAvoy

Honorable Mention:"It gets under your skin": Using Process Drama to Explore Race and Privilege with Undergraduate Students., by Dr. Sara Simons

2013 Overturning Topsy's Legacy: Black Theatre for Youth during the Black Arts Movement, by Dr. Jacqui Scott
Honorable Mentions:
Theatre as a Place of Learnging: The Forces and Effects of Devised Theatre Processes in Education, by Mia Perry
The Representation of Taiwanese Childhood as Reflected in Theatre for Young Audiences of the Taipei Children's Arts Festival 2001-2011, by Yi-Ren Tsai
2012 The Drama of Boys: An Ethnographic Study and Performance, by Dr. Richard Sallis
Honorable Mentions:
Drama and Multiculturalism: Power, Community, and Change, by Bethany Nelson
2011 "Say It How It Is": Urban Teenage Girls Challenge and Perpetuate Cultural Narratives through Writing and Performing Theatreby Dana Edell
2010 Learning Partnerships: The Use of Poststructuralist Drama Techniques to Improve Communication Between Teachers, Doctors, and Adolescentsby Helen Cahill
Honorable Mentions:
Youth Holocaust Drama: A Study of History, Memory, and National Identityby Erika Hughes

Adolescent Audiences' Affective Engagement with Theatre: A Mixed Methods Case Study Surveying Middle School Students' Attitudes, Values, and Beliefs,by Matthew J. Omasta
2009 Language and Theory of Mind Development in the Context of a Head Start Theatre-in-Education Program by Wendy Mages
Honorable Mentions:
Colonizing the Imaginary: Children's Embodiment of Cultural Narrativesby Andrew Chappell
Performance for a Living: How Emotions Play a Partby Catherine Hughes
2008 Reevaluation of Tsubouchi's Child Drama for Domestic Presentationby Takeo Fujikura
Honorable Mention:
David T. Montgomery
2007 The Gods Project: Drama as Intercultural Education:An Ethnographic Study of an Intercultural Performance Project in a Secondary Schoolby Kate Donelan
2006 Reflection and Refraction: The Dimpled Mirror of Process Dramaby Dr. Peter O'Connor
2005 Imagined Worlds in Play:A Study of the Dramatic Play of Pre-adolescent Girlsby Dr Julie Dunn
2004 Journeys into a Third Space: A Study of How Theatre Enables Us to Interpret the Emergent Space Between Culturesby Janinka Greenwood
2003 Dramatic Tension: Towards an Understanding of "Tension of Intimacy"by Penny Bundy
Journeys in Teacher Professional Development: Narratives of Four Drama Educatorsby Michael Anderson
2002 No Award
2001 Mapping the Cultural Geography of Childhood or Constructing the Child in Child Drama: 1950 to the Presentby Stephani Etheridge Woodson

Distinguished Thesis Award:

"Carework Theatre Project" By Jessica Cortez

Honorable Mention: "Against Type: Fatphobia, Bias, and Typecasting in Educational Theatre" By Lucy Kania


"Speaking Back an Imagining Forward: using Applied Theatre to Instigate Dialogue in Museums" By Sarah Meister 

"Applied Theatre with a Translanguaging Stance: Working Juntos Viabilizando Critical Thinking" By Helio Andres Sepulveda-Zornosa 


Our Voice is Powerful: Toward and Aesthetics of Healing in the Performing Justice Project by Laura Epperson

Honorable Mention: The Field of TYA on the Soccer Field: Using Drama Strategies to Enhance Youth Soccer Coaching Practices by Brittany Caine


Reciprocity and Transformative Learning: Arts-based Professional Learning with Students and Teachers, by Ally Shay Tufenkjian

Honorable Mention: !Be PreBeared! Teatro En Educación -Theatre in Education, by Sindy Castro


Storied Moments: Foregrounding Community Cultural Wealth through Digital Storytelling Abstract, by Moriah Flagler

Honorable Mention: Multi-Sensory Theatre for Children on the Autism Spectrum: Creating an Artistic Version of Autistic Space by Molly Mattaini


Exchanging Expertise: An Arts-Based Professional Learning Model for Artists and Teachers, By Lauren Smith

Honorable Mentions: wonderwander: An Embodied Exploration of Dance Between Adult Dancers, Very Young Children, and their Caregivers, By Amanda Pintore

The Impact of Live Performance in Primary Schools in Ireland: A Case Study of Abbey Theatre's 'Priming the Canon' Programme, By Heidi Schoenenberger 


This Object Holds: Exploring Adolescent Identity Through Object-Based Performance, by Briana Bower


No Award


Stories from the Homefront: Digital Storytelling from National Guard Youth, by Megan Greene

Honorable Mentions: How are Girls' Attitudes Toward Cyberbullying Affected by Drama for Social Intervention?, by Gillian L. Fournier

Playing in the Middle: The Value of the Arts in Middle, Level Education, by Lindsay Hearn Brustein


Feminist Performance Pedagogy: Theatre for Youth and Social Justice, by Emily Freeman

Honorable Mentions:Foam on the Sea: Exploring student Critical Thinking through Improvisational, Devised Theatre, by Kathleen Pennyway
The Many Forms of Theatre for the Very Young: A look into Development Processes, Bethany Corey, M.F.A.

2013 Theatre and Citizenship: Playbuilding with English Language Learner Youth, by Sarah Howe Coleman
2011 Ten Years After: A Qualitative Study of Students' Experiences in a High School Theatre Company by Helen Zdriluk
2010 No Award
2009 Young, Troubled and Queer: Gay and Lesbian Representation in Theatre for Young Audiencesby Annie Giannini
2008 No Award
2007 The Articulation of the Multiple Intelligence and Empathic Intelligence Theories in Educational DramabyAbigail Kitt Bigam
2006 Exploring Social Responsibility through Playbuilding with Middle School Drama Club Students
by Charlotte E. Harvey, University of Victoria
2004 No Award
2003 "Imaginative Complicity": Audience Education in Professional Theatreby Monica M. Prendergast
2002 No Award
2001 Exploring Media Advertising Through Drama with Inner City Studentsby Diane Conrad
Thesis by Tara Affolter

Distinguished Dissertation/Thesis Award:
2000 Nowhere to Hide But Together: A Narrative Case Study of Three Classroom Teachers, a Drama Specialist and Their Supporters Negotiating Toward an Artistic Vision of Teaching Through Drama in an Urban Elementary Schoolby Beth Murray
Susanna Rowson: Early American Dramatist, Actress and Educatorby Wendy Lement
1999 Play for Real: Understanding Middle School Children's Dramatic Play (Eleven-Year-Olds, Twelve-Year-Olds, Reality)by Zayda Lucia Sierra
Drama and Self-construction in a Single-Sex School for Girlsby Kathleen Marie Gallagher
1998 Directing High School Theater: The Impact of Student Empowerment Strategies and Unconventional Staging Techniques on Actors, Director, and Audienceby Jo Beth Gonzalez
1997 Russian Theatre for Young Audiences and the Changes in Ideological Function with Glasnost and Perestroikaby Manon van de Water
1996 Profiles of Preservice Theatre Teacher Education Programs at Three American Universitiesby David Dynak

Judith Kase-Cooper Honorary Research Award
2018-2023 No Award
2017 Manon van de Water 
2015-2016 No Award
2014 Jack Zipes
2013 No Award
2012 Johnny Saldana
2011 No Award
2010 No Award
2009 Laura McCammon
2004-2008 No Award
2003 Jonathan Levy
Anthony "Tony" Jackson
2002 No Award
2001 John O'Toole
2000 No Award
1999 Dr. Gavin Bolton
1998 Betty Jane Wagner
1996-1997 No Award
1995 Virginia Glasgow Koste

Research Award

2020-2023 No Award
2019 Monica Prendergast
2014-2018 No Award
2013 Global Markets/Global Englishes: Drama and Discourses in Colonial Spaces by Carmen Medina and Gustave Weltsek
2012 No Award
2011 Lifelong Impact: Adult Perceptions of Their High School Speech and/or Theatre Participation by Johnny Saldana, Laura McCammon, Matt Omasta, and Angela Hines
2010 Dr. Elaine Walker, Dr. Martin Finkelstein, Dr. Lauren McFadden, and Dr. Carmine Tabone
2004-2009 No Award
2003 Jeanne Klein
2002 No Award
2001 Johnny Saldaña
2000 No Award
1999 Laura A. McCammon with J. David Betts
1997-1998 No Award
1996 Johnny Saldaña
1995 No Award
1994 Philip Taylor
Jeanne Klein
1993 Laura McCammon
1992 Brian Edmiston
Laura McCammon
1991 Roberta J. T. Bramwell
1990 Victoria Brown
Joe Norris
Kathleen Foreman
1989 Robert Rosen
1988 Holly Neal Giffin
Robert Colby
1987 Nellie McCaslin
Jeanne Klein
1986 Jonathan Levy & Martha Mahaud
Jason Bousscau, Judith Delgado & Annette Gourgey
1985 Georga Larson Parchem
1984 No Award
1983 Joyce Wilkinson
Patrick Collins
Barbara Salisbury (now Wills)
1982 Helane S. Rosenberg
1981 Lou Furman
1980 Linaya Leaf
Charles Combs
Lawrence O'Farrell

Awards No Longer Presented

Jennie Heiden Award
1985 Empire State Youth Theatre, Albany, NY
1983 Poncho Theatre
1982 Honolulu Theatre for Youth
1981 Metro Theater Circus (now Metro Theater Company)
1980 A Contemporary Theatre (ACT)
1979 Southern Educational Theatre
1978 Periwinkle Productions
1977 Marjorie Sigley
1976 Sara Spencer
1975 Ann Hill
1974 Bil Baird Puppets
1973 John Clark Donahue
1972 The Little Theatre of the Deaf
1971 George Latshaw
1970 Everyman Players
1969 Nellie McCaslin
1968 Performing Arts Repertory Theatre, (now THEATREWORKS/USA)
1967 Merry Go Round Players
1966 Paper Bag Players

Phi Beta Fraternity Award
1985 John McCleod, Australia
1984 David Johnston, England
1983 Joyce Wilkinson, Canada
1982 Masaru Kata, Japan
1981 No Award
1980 Joyce Doolittle, Canada
1979 Evelyn Garbary, Canada
1978 Roy Stacey, England
1977 David Porter and Vivienne Lafferty, England
1976 Grigore Pogonat, Canada
1975 Gavin Bolton, England
1974 Dorothy Heathcote, England
1973 Natalia Sats, Russia
1972 Giselle Barrette, Canada
1971 Dorothy Heathcote, England
1970 Robin Howarth, England
1969 Robin Howarth, England
1968 Beila Lepkin, Israel
1967 Elsa Olenious and Major Samzelius, Sweden
1966 Niels Sorensen, Denmark
1965 No Award
1964 Jan Wilkowski and Adam Kilian, Poland
1963 Gerald Tyler, England
1962 Duncan Ross, England
1961 No Award
1960 Ruth Gagliardo, USA
1959 John Allen, England
1958 Dan Lipschutz, Sweden

Walter Peck Memorial Award
1985 Kim Wheetley
1984 Doug Finney
1983 Jerry Proffit
1982 Marjorie Dycke
1981 No Award
1980 Julian Kaufman
1979 Anna May Hughes
1978 John Baumhardt
1977 Ralph Lane
1976 William Waack
1975 Richard Johnson
1974 Nicholas Wandmacher
1973 Frank Albright
1972 Marcella Oberle
1971 Joseph L. Peluso
1970 William H. Cleveland
1969 John C. Barner
1968 Winifred Gahagen
1967 Wallace Smith
1966 Sister Mary Margaret
1965 Robert Teeter, Jr.
"Participatory Action Research and Theatre: Decolonizing Secondary Theatre Education Through Process-Based Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy and Methodology"