Join AATE at Americans for the Arts, Arts Advocacy Day
March 12-13, 2018

AATE members join us in Washington DC, you know the times are ripe for expressing your passion to your legislators on the Hill.  We need everyone’s voice at this time, when our leaders are considering drastic cuts to the Arts as we have known them for the last 60 years. AATE members can join together for a dinner on Sunday evening, March 11, the next day a full day of training will be presented to you, the Nancy Hanks lecture at the Kennedy Center, and then Tuesday we talk to your legislators. Join the excitement, let’s bring our collective voices together for AATE.

Registration for Advocacy Day is now open click HERE to register!

If you need another reason to join us check THIS out.

To join fellow AATE Members for dinner on Sunday, March 11th, at 7pm please RSVP HERE.

 If you have any questions, please contact Alexis Truitt a[email protected]