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The 33rd annual AATE Conference will take place in Phoenix, AZ from July 29-August 2, 2020. The conference theme is "Vision 2020".

In the year 2020, what does vision mean for those in the fields of theatre and education? In Phoenix, we'll review the rich history of the field, examine today's challenges and opportunities, and cast our sights to what's next for theatre and education. Surronded by the stunning beauty of the desert, conference attendees will experience the life and culture of a city known for vibrant energy and nationally impactful art-making. What's your vision, in 2020?

We encourage presenters to find the intersection of Vision, Theatre, and Education in their proposals. Show us what we can learn from the gazing into the past. Present what you're focusing on now. Inspire us to look forward to what's next in the field.

Make theatre with us, motivate us to learn and generate scholarship, and strike out boldly with original crossovers in theatre and education. Togehter, we will celebrate, support, challenge, and encourage each other, giving us all the tools needed to position ourselves -- and the year 2020 -- toward what can only be described as visionary.

 Thank you for your interest in presenting in AATE's 2020 National Conference: Vision 2020. The conference focus is on actively fostering inclusion in our own work and in our organizations. Please fill out the application form by December 4, 2019 to receive full consideration.

We will strive to notify all session applicants of their conference participation status on or before February 22, 2019. For those sessions which are selected: Please note that all session presenters must register for the conference by April 24, 2020.

Please note all presenters can only be involved in a maximum of two (2) sessions. Inclusive of presenting and being on a panel. 

For tips and clarifications regarding this session proposal form, please take a look at AATE Session Proposal Frequently Asked Questions HERE.

 AATE 2020 National Conference:
Vision 2020
Phoenix, AZ
July 29-August 2, 2020

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